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1 year ago, at 12:45 am. I heard her sweet cry for the first time and right there my life has changed. I experienced the greatest joy of my life where we became a family of three. I feel so complete. You changed my life in the best possible way. And I’ve learned so much. I don’t always have time to get ready, my clothes gets dirty from snack, trips to the store take a little longer, 99percent of my shopping is for her. Being a mother is a blessing & I can’t express enough how blessed I am. To watch you grow and discover new things. & It’s so amazing to see how much you have change over the past year. When you do the most random things just brings happiness. From learning how to wave goodbye and give highfives, bansai! && to your first word baba, papa, tata, and mama until you slap me or pull my hair. but The most important thing I want you to know I will always be here for you, & I will always love you!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY…. My lil baby girl na not so little na! I love you so much baby!!!!

Anyway, dahil madame busy today and this coming days, even xmas no holiday. Like, sadly isa na dun si Papa nya. so, FYI sa 29 nlan po ang celebration ha? minna kitte!!!! 😊

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